When the Internet epoch is highly evolved, W3C took a role of standards propagation. Amazingly, all major software vendors agreed with new Web Services technology, proposed by W3C committee. Microsoft appeared a pioneer in Web Services technology when it released its .NET architecture. This solution is a brilliant combination of traditional Microsoft technologies and modern Web Services paradigm. Although it is relatively new, .NET architecture is reliable, scalable and trustworthy. It represents a big step towards software interoperability, which makes true software integration finally possible.

.NET serves a basis for brand new programming languages that have already been worked out – asp.NET, VB.NET, C#, J#. Microsoft .NET architecture spans from Microsoft Enterprise Servers to Smart Mobile Devices, and Web Services technology, powered by SOAP, WSDL and UDDI

Need of Migration to .NET
The need for migration of applications or databases in enterprises arises from changes in business demands or technology challenges either to improve operational efficiency or to manage risk. Many enterprises are straddled with the challenge of ensuring that investments in legacy systems do not get locked in proprietary and outdated technologies while migrating to newer systems. The need is to preserve established business rules and practices in the old system at the same time managing valuable human resources locked in maintaining legacy systems

Why to migrate legacy applications to .NET?
Distributed system
Ease of development
Xml web services
Ease of deployment
Richness of the .NET framework
Smart client with win form as well as thin client with web form

FOHMICS specializes in fresh application development and migrating applications to .NET, whether it involves migration of legacy 'Win32 (Visual Basic, Visual C++), J2EE, FoxPro, or PowerBuilder, in to .NET, we have expertise and skills to achieve the objectives in a quicker, cleaner, cheaper and reliable manner.

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