The experience derived out of developing and customizing software applications for a large municipal organization and the diversified nature of this software application has enhanced our expertise and has kept us abreast of other turnkey solution providers.

A turnkey software solution provides facility to end user to just "turn the key on" in order to use the application. These solutions are an amalgamation of customized software and hardware resources which when combined together at customization level makes this phenomenon on happen. Turnkey solutions are meant not only for fortune 500 and 1000 companies but also SME’s (Small and Medium Enterprise) to cater all the distilled needs of a business entity.

At FOHMICS, we use technology to create powerful solutions that are focused on such critical areas as enhancing customer relations and increasing revenue opportunities. Our solutions are designed to take advantage of the interactive networking and document interfacing technologies of the future and to ensure a dramatic reduction in your cost of application maintenance and enhancement.

Key Benefits of implementing turnkey software solutions include:

Lesser utilization of client’s resources for hardware recommendation and procurement, thus lesser pain and burden on client’s shoulders.
Full involvement of clients throughout the whole course of SDLC.
Cost and time effective and easy-to-use total IT Solution for a business entity.
Easy to implement, operate and transfer.
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Some of the e-Business projects of FOHMICS team:
An e-commerce portal integrated with e-payment gateway for the real-estate domain.
An online grocery portal integrated with the back-office order management and debit care payment solution.
An e-hiring application for a national air carrier.

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